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New Distributor


CogniMem Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce Satori Electric Co. LTD as our newest distributor for products and services. Satori Electric CO LTD will be our exclusive partner covering the Japanese Market.

Satori Electric Co. LTD engages in the distribution of integrated circuits (IC’s), discrete semiconductors, general electronic components, and electronic equipment. Satori Electric Co. LTD is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in 1947 and currently employs over 700 people.

New Publication

Science Direct - Medical Engineering & Physics

"Fast computation of voxel-level
brain connectivity maps..."

Includes complete results of MRI processing application using CM1Ks (4), showing superior performance to an Intel I7 running at 2.3ghz, 32-bit mode (8 cores) and an Intel E5 3 GHz in 64 bit mode (4 cores)

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CogniMem / ICF International Collaboration

Cognimem Technologies entered into a collaborative development agreement with ICF International for the purpose of applying CogniMem technology to the emerging needs of cybersecurity for malicious virus detection.

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Network Science and Cybersecurity
by Dr. Robinson E. Pino

Applying CogniMem technology to cybersecuity.

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CogniMem Technologies
recognized by Gartner

CogniMem Technologies is listed in the
"Cool Vendors in Semiconductors",
2013 Published: 30 April 2013
by James F. Hines

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Watch an Introduction to
CogniMem Technologies
on YouTube

Find out more about who we are and what we do.

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“Target Tracking with the Zero Instruction Set Computer”
Evaluation of the Computational Capacity of the ZISC in Target Tracking By Wendall C. Deck

Massively Parallel Accelerator for Pattern Recognition

When pattern recognition is the problem – CogniMem’s Cognitive Computing chips are the answer. CogniMem is leading the industry with Cognitive Sensing & Computing - going beyond Von Neumann computer architecture to deliver unmatched levels of processing at far less energy.

Intelligence for Sensing

CogniMem enables trainable adaptive filtering for vision, speech and other sensing devices while reducing cost and energy.

Intelligence for Data Mining

CogniMem enables a flexible and scalable architecture natively implementing well-known non-linear classifiers Radial Basis Functions and K-Nearest Neighbor. Latency of the recognition stays fixed independent of the amount of memories being searched at very low power.

  • Trainable: automatic model generator
  • Reliable: re-known pattern classifier
  • Ease of Use: software tools and SDK
  • High Speed: board and chipsets
  • Low Power: board and chipsets
  • Object Recognition
  • Target Tracking
  • Signal Classification
  • Data Classification, Clustering
  • Anomaly / Novelty Detection
  • Template Matching


CogniMem for "Cognitive Memory"